Calling All Creatives!

Join our Cincinnati startup and become part of our Storytelling Team. Help create interactive videos to tell the stories of Cincy-owned businesses.

Deadline: September 1, 2021

The Opportunity

We are selecting a pool of young professionals that will help us create 15-30 second video clips of Cincinnati-owned and operated businesses. These videos will be deployed through our interactive videos, designed for consumers to explore their own experience.

We have various creative roles with our Storytelling Team. Each provides an opportunity to pick up gigs based on your availability. Think of it like Uber. We are arranging for the video production of small businesses all over Cincinnati. 

Do you enjoy producing Instagram Reels and TikTok videos?

This may be the perfect fit to make income using your creative skills.

If you’re good with a camera, in front of a camera or can edit film in post-production, this could be a good fit for you. This Storytelling Team opportunity is perfect for college students wanting real world experience to build their portfolio.

About Keep It Cincy

Keep It Cincy is based around the idea of supporting local small businesses so that they may  thrive in their own communities by shopping and buying local. Think of it as buying from your neighbors instead of from an Amazon warehouse. Every neighborhood has hundreds of local businesses operating from storefronts and out of homes and each day, everyone has the choice to buy local to create more prosperity and growth in Cincinnati neighborhoods. Read More…

Interactive Videos

Keep It Cincy makes it easier to find and buy from Cincinnati-owned and operated businesses. How are we doing it? We create interactive videos to conveniently explore Cincinnati-owned businesses. This digital experience encourages people to visit, buy and enjoy local.

Our Interactive Videos are curated combinations of the 15-30 second video clips. Each digital experience is built with a specific kind of consumer in mind whether it’s a young couple looking for an interesting new date night or someone visiting from out of town wanting to experience the unique neighborhoods of Cincinnati.

Check out our prototype:

Videos Featuring Local Cincinnati

We have a growing list of video clips of all varieties. Some of these will go beyond the Mom & Pop shops and highlight the culture of Cincinnati.

3 Different Roles...Plenty of Gigs

We are looking for 3 Storytelling roles to help create our video clips for the small businesses. If you have the capability and skills to fit more than one role…WONDERFUL. Our gig-based arrangement in making these videos allows Storytellers to fill in where needed and build teams.

Video Editor


  • Role/Responsibility
    • You will travel with the Brand Manager to capture the business, it’s products/services, and owner through photography and videography
  • Specific Job Duties
    • Analyze and plan composition of photographs
    • Use various photographic techniques and lighting equipment when needed
    • Capture subjects and scenes in professional-quality photographs
    • Enhance the subject with natural or artificial light
    • Archive and manage imagery
  • Desired Skills and Qualifications
    • Presentable appearance (a reflection of the company) 
    • Concise and timely communication (verbal and written)
    • Time management (planning, delegating, and executing tasks efficiently)
    • Must have access to reliable transportation 


  • Role/Responsibility
    • You will be responsible for writing scripts for short video clips for use on social media and our interactive video.
  • Specific Job Duties
    • research and collect data about local businesses
    • Writing short scripts for 15-30 second vertical videos for each small business in a neighborhood
  • Desired Skills and Qualifications
    • Creative writer with a passion for small business
    • Be able to communicate a topic effectively in as few words as possible
    • Be able to produce content that matches the brand voice effectively
    • Previous experience writing content for social media or web
    • Extended written content for web (blogs, articles and other pieces)

Video Editor

  • Role/Responsibility
    • You will be responsible for creating short video clips for use on social media and our interactive video.
  • Desired Skills and Qualifications
    • Manipulate and edit film pieces in a way that is invisible to the audience
    • Take a brief to grasp production team’s needs and specifications
    • Trim footage segments and put together the sequence of the film
    • Input music, dialogues, graphics and effects
    • Create rough and final cuts
    • Ensure logical sequencing and smooth running
    • Consult with stakeholders from production to post-production process
    • Continuously discover and implement new editing technologies and industry’s best practices to maximize efficiency.
    • Must have access to Adobe Suite 
    • Must have access to reliable transportation


  • Role/Responsibility
    • You will be a consumer facing personality on the interactive videos; providing both on-screen presence and voice-over descriptions. You will work closely with Brand Managers to create the script and experiences of the interactive video.
  • Desired Skills and Qualifications 
    • Articulate with clear language
    • Excellent conversational skills with a knack for storytelling
    • Personable, humorous disposition.
    • Outstanding organizational, time management, and improvisational skills.
    • Great storytelling and writing skills
    • Clear and concise communication.
    • Must have access to reliable transportation

Hear From Our Team

More About Keep It Cincy

Cincinnati is home to some of the most unique neighborhoods in the area.

Okay, we might be a little biased, but we love and believe in our local communities here. The foundation of the Cincinnati-based startup, Keep It Cincy, is centered around exactly what the name conveys. In a world where big tech companies rule the “convenience” factor for shoppers and the food industry, Keep It Cincy wants to keep dollars local to help each individual neighborhood thrive through the support of its own residents and neighbors.

Unlike other businesses that have that cliche “lightbulb moment,” the idea of Keep It Cincy has been around forever and was actually created by its own residents that have a passion for buying local, but what it lacked was awareness. In the age of 2-day delivery and near-immediate food delivery, we saw that while people might want to shop and buy local, the convenience of what big tech companies provide you with is hard to pass up when in a pinch.

To provide a solution to this problem, Keep It Cincy is driven to become your “tour guide,” one might say, for buying and shopping local. By incorporating current trends like vertical video, and more interactive elements to display the voice and ideas of the local shops, the viewer is provided with a unique experience learning about their local community of businesses. From flower arrangements to restaurants and even home renovations, Keep It Cincy has you covered. The best part is that everyone behind the scenes of Keep It Cincy are all local Cincinnatians as well. From the photographers, designers, video editors, social media team, and of course, the business owners themselves, everyone is working together to grow their communities and ultimately, Keep It Cincy.

Apply Today

As mentioned above, we are choosing a select group of creatives for our first cohort of Storytellers. Please submit the form below. DEADLINE: September 1, 2021. Note, we would like to see a link to your portfolio; website, tiktok, youtube, or instagram.

We will be inviting everyone selected to our group interview on September 15, 2021. You will receive notice either way by September 8, 2021 if you are moving on to the group interview the following week. 

Final note: You must reside in Cincinnati Metro…gotta Keep It Cincy!

Email us with any questions: paul@keepitcincy.com