Oakley is a vibrant and youthful neighborhood that offers a wide range of food, drinks, and shops for the community to enjoy.


The community of Oakley is now one of the most popular neighborhoods to live, work, and play in. The balance that it offers between the great local shops while also being close to the bigger shopping center is great for the residents and the community. Oakley seems to be most popular amongst young professionals that are starting their careers. Being able to walk to almost anything that you would need while also being minutes away from I-71 and the Norwood lateral allows you to be able to explore the rest of Cincinnati easily.


If Oakley isn’t the kind of place you would want to live, it is at least a must to visit on the weekends. Having plenty of options for boutique shops, coffee houses, and its bar scene, each visitor will be sure to find something that makes them feel at home. One of the most popular places that people visit is Madtree Brewing. Madtree has a beautiful old factory building that has been restored and is now used for both their brewing and dining area. Having a full menu and outdoor area, this is a great place to bring both your kids or dogs (yes, they are dog friendly too!) for an evening out. If a brewery isn’t your scene, and desserts call your name, check out the historic Aglamesis Bro’s. An ice cream and candy shop that has been around since Oakley was originally named a city back in the early 1900s.


Oakley is one of the largest neighborhoods on the east side of Cincinnati and offers some great options to dine in. Whether you are looking for quick and easy food or a more formal dining option, Oakley has you covered. With multiple businesses that have award-winning dishes, you not only get a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, but you get an excellent selection on the menus as well. From breakfast and brunch to lunch and dinners, Oakley’s eateries are top-notch and will have you coming back to try more.


When you’re in the mood for a caffeinated beverage, Oakley offers two very popular coffee shops amongst the coffee lovers of Cincinnati. Deeper Roots Coffee has multiple locations across the city, including one in Oakley. With their own roastery and great coffee, this is a great place to grab a cup of joe. If you are looking for more of an experience, the Redtree Art Gallery and Coffeeshop offer that to you. With a full gallery of local artists available for sale, deep couches, and great coffee, the Redtree makes for an experience that you haven’t seen before. 

Not a coffee lover? There are more great options for teas, spirits, and beer in the Oakley neighborhood. With a wide variety of sports bars and pubs here, you will be sure to find one you enjoy!


If you love to shop, Oakley is the place to be. Offering shops anywhere from children’s books and toys, fashion boutiques, and vinyl records, the offerings in Oakley can help you find what you’re looking for….and then maybe a little more. Being a walkable neighborhood, grab your friends, park, and explore the shops that Oakley has to offer. What makes for the best experience is to buy from local business owners, eat a meal at a unique local spot, and find the perfect gifts, accessories, and clothes along the way.

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Key Takeaways

The community of Oakley is one of the most fun neighborhoods in the Cincinnati area. With a long stretch of Madison and the southern edge bordering the Wasson Way trail, Oakley has much to offer those looking for a walkable community:

  • Vibrant and youthful area
  • A large number of locally owned businesses
  • Surrounded by a quiet family neighborhood
  • Numerous cornerstone businesses that have been in Oakley for many years
  • Very safe neighborhood