Mount Lookout

Mt. Lookout is the perfect place to have a night out with a date or with friends. With businesses filled with history and award-winning dishes, this makes for a great place to visit.


Located on the East Side, Mt. Lookout is one of Cincinnati’s most endearing neighborhoods. From its convenient location in the square to be near to some of the best neighborhoods and parks in Cincinnati, this small community of residents and businesses will be sure to have your heart. Aside from the square downtown, Mt. Lookout has one of the recognizable and picturesque squares in all of Cincinnati. With plenty of businesses, shops, and restaurants lining each side of the square, you will be sure to fill your day in Mt. Lookout.


Mt. Lookout has shown time and time again its ability to draw in visitors from not only local Cincinnati neighborhoods, but people from all over the tri-state. Offering its guests an experience that for most individuals is different than most community businesses, there is an appeal to Mt. Lookout that is hard to explain. Surrounded by residential homes, this keeps the community quiet, yet full of life.


Great food is the backbone of the Mt. Lookout business district. From local favorites like Mt. Lookout Tavern to newcomer restaurants like Delwood, the variety and diversity of menus in Mt. Lookout adds to the appeal of the dining experience throughout the square. The small but mighty list of restaurants and eateries coming out of Mt. Lookout has multiple businesses that have award-winning dishes and “Best of Cincinnati” awards to credit their name. One of the most popular places to grab a bite to eat in Mt. Lookout is Zip’s Cafe. With award-winning burgers and a dark, woody aesthetic, these factors aren’t the only thing that draws in a crowd. What makes this burger bar so special is that it was originally established in 1926. The business district of Mt. Lookout Square has a long line of history with established and successful restaurants that have been drawing in the local and surrounding community members for many years.


Whether you are looking for caffeinated beverages or great local craft beer, Mt. Lookout has you covered. With a well-established cornerstone coffeeshop in Lookout Joe, this local coffee shop has a long history of serving the community and putting the Mt. Lookout members first. Being offered to expand beyond the community, the owners fell back on what they believed in which is keeping their loyalty local. Beyond coffee, Mt. Lookout has a great group of restaurants/bars that offer local craft beer on tap and great deals for happy hour. Places like Mt. Lookout Tavern and Millions cafe are hometown favorites to grab a beer with some friends to cheer on their favorite team and catch up.

Key Takeaways

The community of Mt. Lookout is one of the most popular for both living and nightlife. The affluent homes near Ault Park continue to be updated and attract many families, while the square brings in visitors from all over. Here are some of the highlights of Mt. Lookout:

  • A town square that is full of life and vibrancy
  • Many family-owned businesses within the square
  • Generally quiet and family-centered nature