A neighborhood steeped in history, Madisonville has much to offer including many new shops and restaurants.

Beyond the retail fronts, many residents run small businesses from home, making this an excellent place to be local.


The community of Madisonville comes with a rich history with its multi-cultural and ethnic community that now is seeing growth more than ever, still is able to hold onto the culture that the community has always had. Within the last few years, new businesses have been popping up and the best part is that most of the new business owners are members of the Madisonville community. There is also new development and renovations taking place all over the neighborhood.

Madisonville has historically carried a reputation of not being a popular neighborhood to visit, but with the work of the community, the efforts are beginning to be noticed by the residents and the surrounding neighborhoods as well. From adding new lights on the streets to welcoming independent businesses into the community, Madisonville is the kind of place that you can be proud to live in, support, and grow your roots into.


Madisonville has transformed into a community that is a great place to visit. Whether you are looking for a shopping day at unique local shops or more of a boutique shopping experience, Madisonville has you covered. Start off your visit by stopping at the Mad Llama, a quaint little coffee shop right on Madison Road. While you’re there, get out of your comfort zone and try out new shops like The Wall of Wellness or The French Rendezvous and explore everything that Madisonville has to offer. With many great shops and a place to grab a bite to eat, a visit to Madisonville is perfect for a Saturday with friends or a day to relax on your own. Plan your visit to Madisonville today!


Madisonville offers many great locations to grab a snack, lunch, or dinner. Since most of Madisonville contains local eateries, each place has a different style and menu offering for its patrons. Whether you are looking for authentic mexican food, bar and pub food, or just a quick snack, you can find the perfect place to dine in. One thing that stands true for all the local eateries in Madisonville is that your feedback and reviews go a long way. Most businesses are in their younger years so helping them to build and grow by leaving reviews, telling friends, and coming back if you enjoyed your visit means the world to them. Find one that you really love or try them all out to see which one is your favorite, but supporting local is the key to making a neighborhood like Madisonville thrive.

Mazunte Catering & Mercado
Mazunte Catering & Mercado
Bee’s Barbecue
Bee's Barbecue
Lala’s Blissful Bites
Lala's Blissful Bites


Every community has their signature place to grab a cup of coffee in the morning and Mad Llama is the place to be. The great location of Madison Road makes it easy to stop on your way to work and you can even use their drive-thru to make your life easier. From their house blends to espresso, Mad Llama can get your morning off on the right foot.

If you are more of an evening drinker, Madisonville has a growing bar and brewery scene in the area. One of the most popular places to visit is Bad Tom Smith Brewery & Spirits. Offering a large selection of draft beers, bourbons, and more, this is the perfect place to relax after a day at work or an evening with friends.

Mad Llama Coffee Shop
Mad Llama Coffee Shop
Bad Tom Smith Brewing
Bad Tom Smith Brewing


The shopping experience in Madisonville is not a traditional day out. With each shop offering a different experience, the only way to truly shop Madisonville is to check out each store. There are town classics as well as brand new storefronts in the neighborhood that are all looking to grow their customer base. You will be sure to find at least a couple stores that become one of your favorites in the area. Tell your friends, bring your friends, and make a day out of shopping in Madisonville. Take pride in supporting your local community members, their businesses, and enjoying what Madisonville has to offer.


Over the last couple of years, Madisonville has drastically changed for the better. More and more old homes in the area are getting renovated and there is redevelopment happening all around the town. What may have used to be called a town with a bad reputation now is highlighting the new businesses, community of culture that Madisonville has to offer. Everyone would agree that seeing the swing of new businesses and foot traffic has brought the town back to life.


Get out and about and move in Madisonville with a plethora of gyms, basketball courts, and bike trails. Offering more group training, there are places like Burn Boot Camp and also places like Rob Raxford Boxing 4 Fitness. Whatever exercise is your style, Madisonville has you covered. If a gym setting isn’t your thing, there are plenty of outdoor areas like basketball courts, parks, and bike trails that can get you outside and moving around. One of the most popular parks in the area is Bramble Park. There is plenty of green area to do your own yoga, exercise, or just toss a ball around. The Fairfax Bike Trail also runs along the edge of Madisonville and could make for a great place to bike or walk and enjoy the great outdoors.


Whether you are new to Madisonville or looking for people around the Cincinnati area to connect with, Madisonville has plenty of opportunities and willing community members to connect with. Every “Tuesday in the Park” there are plenty of businesses and community members coming together. The feel of Madisonville is warm and inviting and would love to see new faces around town. If you go out and into the town, there are many friendly business owners of shops, restaurants, and bars that are always connecting with their customers. Come meet the community members of Madisonville!

Key Takeaways

  • Rich history of culture
  • Mulit-cultural and ethinc community
  • Growing pace of independent small businesses
  • Warm and inviting sense of community 
  • Many opportunities to connect