Hyde Park

Hyde Park is home to more than just great food, drinks, and shops. The neighborhood is rich with history and is ranked one of the best neighborhoods to live in.


Hyde Park offers both boutique and local small businesses in a city that has a lot of history. Becoming popular when the railway expanded out of downtown Cincinnati, many of the wealthier individuals relocated to what is now Hyde Park. Within the square, there is a small park and fountain that allows for people of the community to sit outside and take in the beauty of the square.

Many of the business owners and shoppers in the are Hyde Park homeowners and are proud of the Hyde Park culture that has been created. Being in the center of a community with so much history and culture allows for all the shops and boutiques to fit right in. Hyde Park as a whole is continuing to grow and adapt to the young professionals moving into the area. With new breweries like North High Brewery, and larger chain stores like Lululemon providing foot traffic, more and more people are beginning to love the experience of shopping local with the convenience and personalization that it brings.


Visiting Hyde Park is a great way to experience what the local community has to offer. With both Hyde Park Square and East Hyde Park, visitors can find great new restaurants, shops, and more. If you are a first-time visitor or just visiting from the local Cincinnati area, there are some “must trys” that are unique to Hyde Park. The Cincinnati area is overflowing with great local shops, but Hyde Park itself is one of the leading neighborhoods to explore.

Hyde Park is a blend of residential areas and shops. Across Hyde Park you will find two distinct areas. Hyde Park Square and East Hyde Park. Both with amazing places to eat, drink and shop.


Hyde Park eateries are both diverse in style of food and scale of dining experience. There is something here for everyone. From casual dining at Big Bull Burger Bar to full course meals at Dear Restauarant in the Square, Hyde Park is home to some of the best local restaurants. Need an after dinner snack? One of the first ever Graeter’s Ice Cream brick and mortar locations is right in the heart of Hyde Park Square. From East Hyde Park to the Hyde Park Square, your options for dining-in are top notch restaurants.

Dear Restaurant & Butchery
Dear Restaurant & Butchery
Graeter’s Ice Cream Hyde Park
Graeter's Ice Cream Hyde Park
Cafe Mediterrarean
Cafe Mediterrarean


Hyde Park is home to many great places to grab your caffenated drinks, healthy smoothies, and adult beverges as well. One of the cornerstones for Hyde Park is Awakenings Coffee Shop. Located on the corner of Erie Avenue in Hyde Park Square, Awakenings is perfect to grab a coffee, pastry, or even a bottle of wine for your next dinner. After the work day, Hyde Park also offers some great locations to grab a drink with coworkers and friends. If dive bar is more your speed, Hap’s Irish Pub is a great place to sit back, relax, and have a drink. For more upscale drink options, Hyde Park is home to many wine bars and restaurants that offer local craft beers. Starting the morning with great coffee and ending the evening with great drinks is guaranteed here in Hyde Park.

Forno Osteria + Bar
Forno Osteria + Bar
Churchill’s Fine Teas Hyde Park
Churchill's Fine Teas Hyde Park


Hyde Park is a dream for people that love to shop. Local boutiques are all across Hyde Park Sqaure and have started to appear in East Hyde Park. One of the most popular boutiques stores in East Hyde Park is Hyde Park Bridal. This is a destination wedding dress shop for the tri-state area. The Square also has some higher class clothing and accessory stores that are very popular within the Cincinnati crowd. If you are looking for a high end boutique shopping trip, Jacob James purses and Alligator Purse are located right next to each other on the Square and are some of the most popular locations.


Living in Hyde Park has many factors that make it one of the most popular neighborhoods within Cincinnati. One of the most desirable parts of living in Hyde Park is the location. Being a short walk to Hyde Park Square, Mt. Lookout, and Oakley businesses, there are so many great options to eat, shop, and drink. In addition to the locations, all of these communities offer family-friendly environments. Residents living in the Hyde Park neighborhood all enjoy being a short bike ride or walk away from almost anything. From a day in the park to biking to the Famer’s Market on Sundays in the Square, the location paired with the opportunities is unmatched.

Another great reason people love living in Hyde Park is the school systems that are nearby. Hyde Park has numerous great public and private schools nearby that make for a great opportunity for new families looking to move to the neighborhood. Pairing this with the quiet and comfortable neighborhood, Hyde Park is one of the best places to raise a family or just enjoy the treasures of what Hyde Park has to offer.

Key Takeaways

  • Beautiful historic park in the middle of the Square
  • Wide variety of local businesses within the Square
  • Dining options range from quick bites to refined dining experiences
  • Quiet and contained community 
  • Great school systems
  • Adapting with the addition of restaurants and breweries 
  • Location is great!