Local Retail Shops

Cincy Gift Guide

Explore this map that highlights the cornerstone coffee houses of our local shop communities.

Explore by retail shop type and click 'see more' to open up all the opportunities to buy local in-person across Cincinnati.

Little boutiques across Cincinnati not only offer the latest fashion, but also small items like jewelry, candles, soaps, and other self-care items.

Local stores have everything you need whether you are buying toys and games for a toddler or board-game enthusiast. 

Local stores offer products that can be enjoyed all year long for better self-care. These shops make the perfect place to find an excellent gift.

Whether the gift is for someone’s home or office, shops all over the metro provide a wide range of options for decorations.

Local coffee shops are one of the best first stops when visiting a neighborhood in Cincinnati; grab a drink to keep you warm.

Year-round farm markets and butcher shops make the perfect one-stop-shop to find locally made eats and drinks for the foodies in your life.

Cincinnati is home to a wide variety of shops that sell the perfect something your friend and family member is passionate about.

Local Shops Add a Great Element to the Gift Buying Experience

Local businesses are the cornerstone of the community. They are what make a neighborhood unique and differentiate them from others. When people are shopping for locally owned businesses nearby, there is a certain expectation that the entire experience will be different than shopping at chain stores and restaurants.

What a great opportunity that this holiday season presents local residents. By supporting and shopping local, you are not only keeping money local, but you are preserving the business that makes your community unique. There is not another town just like the one that you live in, so make sure that it can continue to grow!

Another amazing part of shopping local is the people that you get to meet. From other local shoppers to the business owners themselves, getting to make real connections with people will leave you feeling good about your purchase. Get out and meet some of the great business owners in your community this holiday season.

Ultimate Local Gift Guide

No matter what your plans are for the holidays this year, the best thing that you can do for yourself and your community is to shop locally. Cincinnati has a great variety of home-based makers and businesses. With each product built or crafted with care and intentionally, you are getting much more beyond just that item. From homemade candle makers to the crafters and builders within your neighborhood, take a local approach this holiday season and support your community.

To learn more about local makers and artists around you, browse the Cincy Gift Guide to learn everything that local Cincinnati has to offer. Remember to share great local finds with your friends and family!