Cincy Gift Guide

Manitou Candle Co. | Candle Making Classes
Chandlers guide you through fragrance exploration & through each step of the candle making process while you create your own custom candles.
Columbia Tusculum
Simply Sol Care | Candle And Wax Mates
Seasonal scented candles made with 100% soy wax.
Manitou Candle Co. | #072- Mistletoe Candle
Gift the joy of the holidays. Top notes of eucalyptus, middle notes of pine & fir with a touch of spice clove, & cedarwood & patchouli in the base.
Columbia Tusculum
&Sundries | Soy Candles
Hand poured soy candles that are heavy, durable glass vessels holding the fragrant soy wax with a clean burning cotton and paper wick.
East Walnut Hills
Olive Roots | Candles & Scents
Soy candles ranging from small to large.
V Candle Co | Candles
Hand-poured, small batch candles made with 100% natural soy wax and a whimsical blend of essential and fragrance oils.
Manitou Candle Co. | #044 - Fraser Fir Candle
Perfect for a holiday party or a cozy, quiet evening at home by the fire, this scent evokes a festive holiday ambiance.
Columbia Tusculum
Ignited Studios | Candles
hand poured | small batch | soy candles | handmade