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Paolo | Gift Card
Gift cards can be used to help purchase that desired piece of jewelry and help be sure they get exactly what they want!
Curious Concoctions | Liquid Hand Soap
Clean, homespun liquid soaps that work remarkably as hand soap and body wash.
Paolo | Earrings
Pearls, gemstones, and diamond earrings are a great way to impress this holiday season.
Strings Attached 216 | Nature Pieces
Nature inspired string art to brighten up your home.
Curious Concoctions | Artisan Silk Soap
Moisturizing soaps combined with artistry.
The Village Soapworks | Moisturizing Bars
Don't settle for name brand moisturizing bars. The Village Soapworks creates each bar with care.

Buying Local Gifts for Stocking Stuffers

Can you believe we have already entered the holiday season? While the weather lately has made it hard to believe that the holidays are approaching right around the corner, the countdown has begun! The goal of Cincy Stocking Stuffers is to help create a running list of locally-owned products and shops to help make your Christmas shopping a breeze this year. Whether you are shopping for last-minute stocking stuffers or trying to get ahead, this guide is here to be a resource for your holiday shopping spree.

Shopping local has always been important but might not seem accessible unless you know all the local shops in your city. This year, we have done the pre-work for you and created a comprehensive list of affordable gifts that make for great stocking stuffers for friends and family. With intentionally crafted gifts, you can be the MVP this year and have the best Christmas stocking stuffers. We hope you enjoy this curated list we came up with and it helps you with your holiday shopping this year.

Gift Ideas

When in doubt, buy a candle! With the right person in mind, you really can’t go wrong with purchasing a candle from a local maker. Who doesn’t love to fill their home with amazing scents? Candles are the perfect small item for Christmas stocking stuffers and are a gift that keeps on giving.

Sometimes the stocking stuffers are items that are necessities. Everyone needs soaps, shampoo, and conditioner on a consistent level, so don’t keep using the same old stuff. Buy local from soap makers in your own community.

This one is for the coffee lover on your list! Finding local coffee shops that roast and bag their own coffee makes for the best stocking stuffers for the cover lover of your family. Not only is a bag of local coffee the perfect size for a stocking stuffer, but it will also accompany your stocking with a pleasant smell. Check out our list of local coffee shops that sell bagged coffee.

Ultimate Local Shop Gift Guide

No matter what your plans are for the holidays this year, the best thing that you can do for yourself and your community is to shop locally. Cincinnati is home to some of the best locally-owned shops that hold some of the most unique and treasured items in the area. With each product built or crafted with care and intentionally, you are getting much more beyond just that item. From locally-owned coffee shops to the crafters and builders within your neighborhood, take a local approach this holiday season and support your community.

To learn more about our local shops around you that offer perfect items for stocking stuffers, visit our Cincy Stocking Stuffers page here to view everything that local Cincinnati has to offer. Remember to share great local finds with your friends!