Cincy Gift Guide

Buy local this holiday season from Cincinnati-owned businesses. We found the best local shops and products to easily buy for friends and family this year.

Cincy Gift Guide

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This Holiday Season...

We have an amazing opportunity to support our neighbors; those operating local retail shops and those running a business out of their home. This Holiday Season, Keep It Cincy created this gift guide to find everything you need on your shopping list. All of which, you can buy local and Keep It Cincy.

Our team has created the only map that allows you to locate local retail store across the metro and the nearby coffee house to grab a warm drink while you shop for friends and family.

Our team has created the only map that allows you to locate local retail store across the metro and the nearby coffee house to grab a warm drink while you shop for friends and family.

Best Gift Ideas

Atlas Oils | Artisan Soaps
The artisan soaps are all natural, providing a deep cleanse that is wonderful for the skin.
Celestial Scents Candles | Beard Care
Beard balms, oils, and wash all make for a perfect gift for the guys. With all-natural ingredients, these products are sure to impress.
Creative At Home Art | Experience Gift
Take advantage of this sale on our group painting party. Grab your girl friends and create together.
Wilkerson Handmade | Fiona Trays
Fiona fans unite! This little hippo tray is sure to bring a smile to your face!
West Chester

Buying Local During the Holiday Season

In the past, local and state guidelines have been developed around the favored big box stores and chain retailers. While local community members may enjoy having one of their favorite stores nearby, those stores may not provide as much growth to a community as you might think. There is continuous research being done that shows interesting characteristics about the difference in locally-owned businesses versus large corporations. All the small-scale, locally owned businesses create communities that are more prosperous than inviting in all the big box stores that people know and love. While the big box stores might draw in more traffic thus leading people to believe that it is helping the local community financially, there are stats out there that say otherwise. When customers are shopping locally, there are more pennies on the dollar that stay in the local community than shopping from big retail stores. Don’t get caught up on how to shop local. Read on below to learn the impact you can make on your community and its members and how easy it can be.

To prove this theory, a study found that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 remained in the city while only $43 of each $100 spent at a chain retailer stayed in that community. Consumers often think, “Shopping at locally owned businesses near me is more expensive.” While it might be somewhat true, there are many incentives to spend the extra dollar on items from local businesses. You can think of this process as recycling your money instead of throwing it away. Shopping local allows your money to recirculate amongst the community to have a positive effect. Purchasing from your friends, neighbors, and supporting local farms ultimately strengthens the community at a foundational level.

From a community-building perspective, when you are shopping from people that you personally know behind the counter, you can feel a deeper connection that might be lost from shopping online or at big box stores. You can feel good walking away from shopping with your neighbors and celebrating their success. Your purchases from locally-owned businesses are essential to their growth and are an investment in building the community.

Many consumers often pose the question of how to shop locally. Truth be told, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift if you don’t know where to start. This is where in the past people would turn to big box stores or online retailers to make their purchases. What Keep It Cincy realized after the year we had in 2019 through now is that small businesses need more support. The Keep It Cincy platform was created to help locals shop locally.

Another factor this holiday season to buy local is the reports of how bad shipping and manufacturing delays are going to be. Instead of feeling the stress in December, get ahead of your gifts and personally shop local gifts made by members of your own community. From gift shops to homemakers, Keep It Cincy is on the search to find a wide selection of gifts that would make for perfect gifts for friends, family, or co-workers.

To wrap up all of the feel-good holiday spirits, in all seriousness, local businesses owners are hungry to present you with the perfect gift. Whether you think a local store would have something you would like or not, you might be surprised by what you can find. A gift made by locals for locals can make a lasting impression. Each of these homemakers and small business owners are intentional with their products to best serve you.

Get out into your community or check out our guide to buying local. You will be glad that you did. Head over to to learn more.