About Us

The Short Story

Keep It Cincy is based around the idea of supporting local small businesses so that they may thrive in their own communities by shopping and buying local. Think of it as buying from your neighbors instead of shopping from big box stores. Every neighborhood has hundreds of local businesses operating from storefronts and out of homes and each day. Everyone has the choice to buy local to create more prosperity and growth in Cincinnati neighborhoods.

Helping Local Businesses Thrive

Keep It Cincy is not just another business listing. We are going beyond the norm. We are creating experiences and moments by giving the consumer a chance to meet the business owner and get a feel for the vibe of the shops before ever stepping foot in the place through our interactive videos to represent a tour.
Our goal is to meet the consumers where they are. A day out for shopping or dining doesn’t have to be a singular experience. When two individuals are looking for a night out on the town, we offer them more than just a place to eat, but also introduce them to the nearby art galleries and shops. Keep It Cincy is also here to introduce residents and guests of Cincinnati to new places to eat, drink or shop local to get them outside of their normal bubble.
People want to buy local because it’s special and feels more personal. They make a connection with the shop, the team, and the owners. Going to a big box store and picking out things doesn’t create a moment. Getting personal attention inside a quaint shop to find that certain something you may not be able to find anywhere else; that creates a memory.

Cincinnati is home to some of the most unique neighborhoods in the area.

Okay, we might be a little biased, but we love and believe in our local communities here. The foundation of Keep It Cincy is centered around exactly what the name conveys. In a world where big tech companies rule the “convenience” factor for shoppers and the food industry, Keep It Cincy wants to keep dollars local to help each individual neighborhood thrive through the support of its own residents and neighbors.

Unlike other businesses that have that cliche “lightbulb moment,” the idea of Keep It Cincy has been around forever and was actually created by its own residents that have a passion for buying local, but what it lacked was awareness. In the age of 2-day delivery and near-immediate food delivery, we saw that while people might want to shop and buy local, the convenience of what big tech companies provide you with is hard to pass up when in a pinch.

To provide a solution to this problem, Keep It Cincy is driven to become your “tour guide,” one might say, for buying and shopping local. By incorporating current trends like vertical video, and more interactive elements to display the voice and ideas of the local shops, you are provided with a unique experience learning about their local community of businesses. From flower arrangements to restaurants and even home renovations, Keep It Cincy has you covered. The best part is that everyone behind the scenes of Keep It Cincy is all locals Cincinnatians as well. From the photographers, designers, video editors, social media team, and of course, the business owners themselves, everyone is working together to grow their communities and ultimately, Keep It Cincy.